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Nacho Reunion

So I promised several people a healthy recipe today.

I was going to post about my usual lunch salad which is super filling and nutritious and takes all of 2 minutes to make.

Yes, I wanted to talk about the salad. All those vitamins and minerals are too wonderful not to celebrate.

But I slept in this morning so instead we are going to celebrate these nachos. Because the photos are already on my phone and really, they need to be talked about.

These nachos are from the Cock & Lion in downtown Ottawa, an underground pub I used to frequent when I was a student. I had a co-op job half a block away, and we (the students) held meetings there. Meetings over nachos and zucchini sticks and especially hot wings. We went there for meetings and happy hour too.

Back then, they had a hot wing flavour just for me. It was my special mix of Hot sauce and Suicide. I don’t remember what it was called. If I remember, I’ll write about it.

Anyway, these are not the best nachos ever, but they are very good. Just look at that bite.

Yes, I ordered the Large. In my defence, I do stop eating as soon as I run out of cheese.

Dearest Cock & Lion Nachos,

Let’s not wait 5 years before we meet next, okay?

(Bonus points to anyone who can spot the strange and funny aspect in the first photo).

Now excuse me while I go make that salad.

October 26, 2010   5 Comments

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