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Leftover Hoarding

Does anybody else have slight hoarding tendencies?

Confession: I kind of do.

I always keep things “just in case”, which is why my closet usually has too many clothes in it (and “nothing to wear”) and the desk at my office is piled with papers (for “important business reasons”).

But one of my worst hoarding habits has to do with leftovers: I can’t stand letting food go to waste (particularly if it was delicious), so I put leftovers in the fridge and usually forget about them.

Then, this happens:


Cleaning this out was pretty traumatic and we won’t talk about some of the smells that I had to face.

Do you know how much of it wasn’t edible anymore?

Here is the “After”:


Do you eat your leftovers?

November 4, 2010   11 Comments

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