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The Food and Wine Show

… Or, The Day of the Amazing Expandable Stomach

Have you ever started packing for a trip, only to realize that you had way too  many clothes for your suitcase and not enough time to make the hard decisions that were required AND make your flight, but then discover that your suitcase had an extra zipper that expanded it to *just* the right size?

That’s a little bit how I felt at the Ottawa Food & Wine Show this Saturday.

We started the day with a couple of glasses of wine and a demonstration of pulled sugar art by Chef Faure from Le Cordon Bleu.

Which, by the way, is kind of amazing to watch.

The demonstration came with pastries. This chocolate tart was actually a little bit savoury – it was very good.

I am not going to torture you guys with photos of every delicious thing I ate, but here are some highlights:

… I had to try the fried sushi pizza from Kinki even though I am not generally a huge fan of deep-fried rice (which is what the patty was made of).

I look perhaps a bit suspicious in this photo, but it turned out to be delicious!

Of course, chocolate was involved …

IMG_2557 (640x427)

… and cannolis. A small but growing part of me wants to try making cannolis, even though the prep time on cannoli recipes is listed at two hours (and we can pretty much add 50% to that for a first attempt).

Toward the end of the afternoon, when I was already starting to waddle rather than walk, I discovered these crème brulée with caramelized smoked salmon from the Wakefield Mill Inn.

It sounded … well, it sounded like something I had to try and it was a surprising melt-in-your-mouth mixture of sweet and savoury.

I know what you are wondering and yes, I did try the tartare.

I had seen some crab cakes earlier that I really wanted to try, but at this point there was just no chance I could eat any more.

We must practice Intuitive Eating, no?

So we left, even though I confess I kept talking about the crab-cakes-that-were-not-to-be all the way home.

However, about three hours after we got home, we went to Ryan’s parents’ house for dinner. They were having a roast leg of lamb (with vegetable sides I didn’t photograph).

And homemade chocolate truffle cake.


Of course, I couldn’t finish the cake after everything I’d eaten that day.

Kidding!!! I almost had you guys there, right?

Obviously, I ate that bite after the picture was taken. Homemade truffle cake, people.

… I also ate the vegetables that came with dinner, I promise.

November 9, 2010   1 Comment

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