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Put some mussels into it

Mussels are so simple to make, and so delicious.

In a soup pot, combine a generous pat of butter, minced garlic, a bit of thyme, and dry parsley (fresh would be even better).

Finely chop and add a few carrots …

… an onion …

… and a couple of stalks of celery, along with salt and pepper.

In a large soup pot (we used two medium ones instead), sauté the vegetables until soft.

Then, turn the heat up to high, add two cups of wine, and steam your mussels until all are open.

While your mussels are cooking, make sure you don’t let the remaining half-bottle of wine get lonely.

Toss your mussels with your broth to get a nice mixture of veggies in there. The broth is possibly the best part of this, by the way, so serve it with the mussels.

Make a side salad if you feel so inclined. A baguette with butter is delicious on the side as well.

A 3 oz serving of mussels provides 20 grams of protein, .7 g of omega-3s, 340% of your RDA for B12, 289% RDA of manganese,  109% selenium, 32% calcium, 24% phosphorus,  21% riboflavin, and 17% thiamin, among other things.

Mussels are a tasty nutritional powerhouse, so enjoy.

And if you think your mussels look like they are talking to  you, have another drink.

It helps.

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1 Michele @ Healthy Cultivations { 12.16.10 at 10:30 am }

Your seafood meals are always so beautiful. What I love most is that you show us how easy it can be to make something that sounds complex. Thanks.


2 Becca { 12.16.10 at 12:13 pm }

It’s odd for an east coaster to say, but I’ve never tried mussels! these look great!


3 thehealthyapron { 12.16.10 at 4:25 pm }

Hi! Just found your blog and it looks fun! I have to say mussels or oysters are not my favorite! But glad to hear they are easy to make bc the hubs loves them! no jok!


Alina Reply:

Thank you for the compliment!


4 Kath { 12.16.10 at 9:04 pm }

I love mussels! And now you made me drool! Do you also eat them by taking a pair of empty mussel shells and using them as pliers to pick out the inside of the mussels? This is how I’m used to eat them. (Is there another food that brings its own cutlery? Hm …)


Alina Reply:

Hmm. I have always eaten them with a fork. However, next time we have them, I’ll try your method!


5 Michelle { 12.16.10 at 10:07 pm }

I’ve never tried mussels! I always worry that by the time they make it to Wyoming, they’ll be icky, so I shy away from them. Next time I’m near the coast though, I’ll for sure try them. And your recipe looks amaaazing!


Alina Reply:

Thanks, Michele! I am not on the coast either, but these mussels were vacuum-sealed and they really did taste very fresh. Of course, nothing compares to the morning’s catch.


6 Shanna, like Banana { 12.17.10 at 12:54 am }

I’ll pass on the mussels, but take the vino ;)


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