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A Saucy Evening

Last night, we had Fettuccine Alfredo. Not even the homemade stuff, but rather the quick stuff from M&M (with the accompanying garlic bread, of course). I haven’t had this dish in months, because like I said before, I really do eat healthfully most of the time (gratuitous  pecan pie consumption notwithstanding).

However, there was just no time to cook last night, so it was back to this old favourite.

First of all, let me just point out that M&M makes the sauciest take-out Fettuccine Alfredo in at least all of Ontario, and very possibly also the world. I mean, look at that sauce! (the parsley is from our garden).

Of course, we added lots of parmesan cheese for protein. I didn’t work out yesterday, but I am still sore from Boot Camp on Wednesday so clearly the cheese was mandatory.

This is actually one of the dishes that Ryan made for me when we first started dating. In addition to parmesan and parsley, he also modified it by adding in extra cream. It was divine.

This dish, along with Jamie Oliver’s spicy pasta and our daily regimen of beer and wine at the time, is how I gained twenty pounds.

Thankfully, I figured out I could lose it by eating butter! I am now back to my happy weight.

The leftover garlic bread, however, is trying to eat the leftover parmesan.

Oh for the love of all that is healthy, how can I stop this travesty from happening?

… Clearly, someone has to eat that bread before the cheese suffers.


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